Publish What You Pay (PWYP) is a global coalition of more than 700 civil society member organisations. In over 40 countries, the members have come together to form national coalitions. PWYP is a registered charity (Registered Charity Number 1170959).

The following bodies are responsible for the governance and management of PWYP:

The Global Assembly is PWYP’s ultimate decision-making body and comprises all PWYP members. The Global Assembly meets every three years to engage in strategy and policy review and development and to share experiences and lessons learned.

The Global Council is made up of 10 elected representatives from the PWYP membership. The Global Council is responsible for the development of strategy, work plans and policy positions for PWYP at the global level; coordination between the regions; and governance of national coalitions. The Global Council is accountable to the Global Assembly for its work, and makes key recommendations on policy and strategy to the Board and the Executive Director.

The Africa Steering Committee (ASC) is made up of four elected representatives for each of the sub-regions. In addition, the PWYP Africa members who sit as civil society representatives on the EITI International Board are de facto members of the ASC. The ASC is responsible, with the Global Council, for guiding the strategic direction of the PWYP movement in Africa and supporting effective and well governed coalitions.

The Board ensures that the objectives and interests of PWYP, as a registered charity, are protected and advanced. The Board has legal responsibility for PWYP and oversees financial and HR policies. Our Board of Directors is selected by the Global Council.

The Secretariat supports the national coalitions in their strategy, governance, management, communication and delivery of work plans. The Secretariat also has responsibility for coordinating PWYP work at international and regional level, as well as joint fundraising, and coordinating the implementation of funded projects.

For more information, refer to the PWYP Governance Manual.

PWYP coalitions share a global vision and brand, and commit to a set of core principles but are self-governed and funded. For more information about national PWYP coalitions and member organisations, visit the Where We Work page.