Annual Report 2017

A Global Push for Transparency

Natural resources can change lives. Used equitably and sustainably, they can lift people from poverty and bring prosperity to a country’s citizens. But a lack of transparency means people who should benefit very often do not. And given the finite nature of natural resources, there is limited time to ensure that everyone gains. To address this injustice, Publish What You Pay (PWYP) works worldwide towards an open and accountable extractive industry. We are a global network of civil society organisations which believe that increased transparency in the extractive sector will allow citizens to address corruption, hold governments to account, and benefit fairly from revenues from natural resource extraction.

During 2017, we made significant progress in our initiatives to promote full public disclosure of information on extractive operations. This was despite challenges that made our work increasingly difficult, including government pressure on civil society space in several countries.

Key achievements during 2017 included:

Membership Engagement

We advised members in Australia, Lebanon and Mexico on applying for Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) candidacy, and mentored coalitions in countries including Malawi, Senegal and Zambia. Members in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Senegal adopted codes of conduct – critical for civil society to be effective in national EITI multi-stakeholder groups. During 2017, the number of publicly available “payments to governments” reports – produced as a result of mandatory disclosure laws in Canada, the EU and Norway – increased from around 100 to more than 500 as a result of PWYP campaigns. Significantly, in Australia, the main opposition party, Labor, promised a mandatory disclosure law if elected.

We continued to develop activists’ capacity through our flagship Data Extractors Programme, a global initiative which trains participants to analyse data and share their knowledge with local communities. In Zimbabwe, PWYP members applied their learning to help communities use data to hold the government and companies to account. Leading advocates joined us to push the UK government to continue leading the global drive for accountability in the sector. Our members in Ukraine helped draft a law on transparency which, if passed, will bring the country in line with EITI standards.

Global Initiatives and Impact

The team focused on coordinating the civil society agenda on the international EITI Board, helping achieve project-by-project disclosure from 2018. We organised negotiation training for civil society board members and assessed the strategic value of the initiative for the PWYP campaign. The Secretariat worked closely with members in Azerbaijan and Niger to document violations of the Civil Society Protocol, and helped civil society board members argue successfully for the EITI Board to uphold the Protocol by suspending Niger, Azerbaijan and Tajikistan.

Institutional Development

In January 2017, our registration as a charity was official. At our 13th Eurasia regional meeting, participants endorsed an activist protection strategy, while PWYP members from 23 countries exchanged valuable learning and experience at our Africa conference in Zambia. During 2017, PWYP coalitions in Zambia, South Africa, Madagascar, Malawi, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Niger, Togo and Senegal held successful AGMs, reinforcing the coalitions’ governance processes.

These achievements, along with many others listed in this report, will underpin ongoing progress towards a fairer extractive industry. To help us build on them, we also worked to strengthen capacity and governance at our Secretariat and across our coalitions worldwide – including by bringing together activists to share learning and create support networks.

Together with our partners, we will continue to work towards our shared vision of an extractive sector where transparency is a universal standard, and citizens benefit fully and sustainably from use of their natural resources.

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Our achievements in 2017

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