• The EITI Civil Society Protocol was upheld in Tajikistan, Azerbaijan and Niger

  • The EITI Board agreed to make project-by-project disclosure mandatory from the fiscal year 2018

    EITI International Board meeting
Global Initiatives and Impact

The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

The Global Initiatives and Impact team focused on coordinating the civil society agenda on the international EITI Board. We organised negotiation training for civil society Board members and held a meeting with relevant partners to assess the strategic value of the EITI for the PWYP campaign. Our Secretariat’s policy coordination at Board level helped achieve project-by-project disclosure from 2018, after ongoing deadlock with the extractive industry, and despite negative developments in the United States.

The Secretariat worked closely with members in Azerbaijan and Niger to document violations of the Civil Society Protocol, and helped civil society Board members argue for the EITI Board to protect civic space by upholding the Civil Society Protocol and suspending Niger, Azerbaijan and Tajikistan. Following this decision, the Governments of Niger and Azerbaijan withdrew from the EITI. The PWYP Secretariat is now looking for alternative ways to protect its members in both countries.

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