• PWYP’s Global Council agreed a PWYP position on Open Data and how to use it

    data on board
  • Several PWYP data extractors spoke at the African Open Data Conference to demonstrate how data can be used, and to call for more and better availability of extractives data

    African Open Data Conference
Global Initiatives and Impact

Using the data

Several previous Data Extractor case studies were published in 2017, covering subjects as diverse as why mandatory disclosures matter for Indonesia, community data literacy to drive change in Zimbabwe, and developing a handbook for using project-level data. Two new data extractors also published reports, on the lack of data in Australia and the use of development funds in India’s mineral-rich areas.

PWYP France launched a report on making use of data, “Beyond Transparency: Investigating the New Extractive Disclosures”, with a focus on leading French extractive companies Total and Areva.

Five PWYP data extractors attended the African Open Data Conference in Accra, Ghana, in July, to raise awareness of the programme and call for more data to be made available. The PWYP Global Council agreed a position on open data, defining it and how members can potentially use it.

In 2017, through determined and continuous coordination of the EITI Board’s CSO members, the Civil Society Protocol was upheld to an unprecedented level. Together, the EITI CSO Board members made a strong push for the protection of civic space, emphasising the EITI’s key role in upholding activists’ right to participate in natural resource governance. This resulted in the EITI taking a strong stand against member countries seriously in breach of civic space – in particular Niger and Azerbaijan.

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