• Members of PWYP Mongolia are working together to raise CSO voices in government decision-making and to hold the government to account – for example, challenging the recently adopted “Gold-2 program” through public-interest litigation

  • PWYP Ukraine conducted training for pilot communities which will receive 5 per cent of rent for oil, gas and gas condensate production, starting from 2018

  • As a result of participating in the 2017 Alternative Mining Indaba in Cape Town, the Zambian coalition met with ministry representatives from their country. The coalition now has quarterly technical meetings with the Minister of Mines to discuss extractive issues and policy

  • PWYP members from Madagascar, South Africa and Zambia participated the 3rd African Tax Research Network congress in Antananarivo, increasing their knowledge about tax issues – a priority area for PWYP in East and Southern Africa

Membership Engagement

Laws and policies

​In countries with established, developing or emerging natural resource industries, PWYP members are demanding that their resources be managed in more transparent and accountable ways. In Lebanon – in the initial stages of resource exploitation – PWYP member LOGI published an analysis of the policies and the corruption and environmental track records of oil and gas companies bidding for exploration licences. LOGI campaigned successfully for the government to delay the hasty passage of key laws governing the sector, and to consult civil society to ensure the laws promote transparency.

PWYP members in Ukraine helped draft a law on transparency in the extractive industries to bring the country in line with EITI standards, and continue to lobby hard for its full passage. In Senegal, PWYP carried out awareness-raising and capacity-building activities to strengthen civil society participation in EITI implementation. The timing was crucial, as the government launched a revision of the oil and gas law, following the discovery of abundant reserves.

In the UK, PWYP members were joined by key advocates in calling on the government to continue to lead the global push for greater transparency in the extractive industries. Our allies include George Soros, US Senator Benjamin Cardin, former senior Member of the European Parliament Arlene McCarthy and the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment.

In 2017, through the Ford Foundation project, the PWYP coalition in Senegal set up a new office in Saint‑Louis, in the northern coastal region where Cairn Energy and Kosmos Energy confirmed the discovery of abundant oil and gas reserves. Both companies are planning to start extraction. Given the impact of large‑scale extractive projects on nearby communities, the coalition worked closely with local people as early as possible in the project. This meant that civil society could understand their perspective on key extractive activities, and foster dialogue with companies so that communities’ views could be heard and conflict between citizens and companies mitigated.

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