• Members of PWYP Mongolia are working together to raise CSO voices in government decision-making and to hold the government to account – for example, challenging the recently adopted “Gold-2 program” through public-interest litigation

    Mongolio mining
  • PWYP Ukraine conducted training for pilot communities which will receive 5 per cent of rent for oil, gas and gas condensate production, starting from 2018

Membership Engagement

Using the data

2017 saw the second year of PWYP’s Data Extractors programme, a global initiative which trains participants to uncover and make sense of extractives data, creating a network of activists who can share their knowledge with local communities. We held two workshops, bringing together data extractors from Australia, Canada, Congo-Brazzaville, India, Iraq, Malawi, Myanmar, Nigeria, South Africa, Tunisia and Ukraine. Each participant is working on a case study to be published in 2018.

PWYP also launched the recruitment process for a “Francophone School of Data” Fellow, based in Abidjan over a 10-month period, working with our coalitions in Cote d’Ivoire and Senegal to foster a data culture among PWYP members in Francophone Africa.

In Zimbabwe, PWYP members and civil society representatives shared learning from the Data Extractors programme to help local communities hold the government and companies to account. Highlighting issues such as the lack of tax revenue paid to local governments by mining companies, PWYP Zimbabwe achieved national-level impact, and was included in the local government budget consultation.

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