Looking forward

2018 will be a pivotal year for the global PWYP coalition. We enter the final year of our 2016-2018 business plan seeking to identify where and how PWYP can achieve even greater impact, and to set the agenda that will guide our work to 2025.

Among our priorities in 2018 will be:

Addressing gender issues

Our strategic focus on gender throughout 2018 is in response to growing recognition that the transparency and accountability movement has not paid significant attention to gender issues to date. PWYP will pilot efforts to promote a more gender-sensitive implementation of the EITI in Francophone West Africa. This will include raising awareness among members of the national multi-stakeholder groups of how women and men are impacted by, and able to participate differently in, extractive governance activities, and of what type of data could inform mitigation of those impacts.

Engaging with the EITI

Throughout 2018, we will work on producing a guide to help civil society organisations better engage with and leverage the EITI. The 8th EITI Global Conference, set for the first quarter of 2019, will require thorough preparation to ensure that civil society priorities rank high on the agenda, and to set in motion a successful selection process for civil society representatives.

Protecting mandatory disclosures

In 2017, hundreds of companies reported for the first time in Canada and the EU, resulting in a major increase in the amount of fiscal data available. In 2018, PWYP’s focus will shift to new markets and to fending off potential challenges to existing laws.

2020-2025 global strategy development

In 2018, we will continue the process begun in 2017 of defining PWYP’s 2020-2025 strategic plan. The plan will guide our collective action and the work that will be prioritised for support coordinated by the Secretariat. It will complement Vision 2020 and respond to internal and external changes in the extractives sector, enabling us to achieve maximum impact in our work towards transparency and fairness.