• Australia’s main opposition party committed publicly to introduce reporting on payments to governments

    Australian Parliament building
  • All EU Member States have implemented the Accounting and Transparency Directive

    EU Parliament building
  • Hundreds of Canadian and EU companies have published “payments to governments” reports for the first time

    Canadian mining company
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Mandatory disclosures

In the past year, as a result of PWYP campaigns, the number of publicly available “payments to governments” reports – as a result of mandatory disclosure laws in Canada, the EU and Norway – increased from around 100 to more than 500. Draft legislation is progressing in Switzerland and Ukraine.

Australia’s main opposition party, the Labor Party, committed in 2017 to introduce a mandatory disclosure law if elected – the result of coordinated efforts among PWYP members and civil society, including a high-profile report by PWYP Australia, highlighting the need for Australian companies to disclose more data. Members also spoke to a Senate inquiry, stressing the need for transparency.

Both PWYP South Africa and key members and allies in India have identified mandatory disclosure as a priority for the coming years. Members in both countries are developing a detailed strategy to make “payment to government” reporting a reality.

The new US administration presented significant challenges to mandatory disclosure reporting. The US Congress used little-known legislation to reverse the Securities and Exchange Commission’s strong reporting rules of 2016. Representatives also launched efforts to repeal the USA’s flagship mandatory disclosure legislation – Section 1504 of the Dodd-Frank Act (the “Cardin-Lugar provision”).

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