Objectives and activities

Our purpose and strategy

PWYP is a global network of civil society organisations united in their call for an open and accountable extractive industry. PWYP is a registered charity (Registered Charity Number 1170959). We promote the public disclosure of information related to oil, gas and mining operations, so that revenues generated help improve the lives of citizens in resource-rich countries. This includes revenues from the sector (such as royalties, fees and taxes paid by companies to governments), exploitation contracts and revenue-sharing agreements, as well as information about beneficial ownership. We believe that increased transparency in the extractive sector will allow citizens in resource-rich countries to address corruption, hold their governments accountable for revenues generated by natural resource extraction, and claim their fair share of those revenues.

PWYP’s work in 2017 continued to be guided by our 2016 to 2018 business plan, with four core programmatic pillars and aims:

Mandatory disclosures

Aim: More companies are required by law to publish more information about payments to governments in key capital markets.

Using data

Aim: Compulsory and voluntary data disclosure increases accountability in the extractive sector, improving development outcomes in resource-rich countries. Laws and policies

Laws and policies

Aim: Legislation affecting natural resource management provides a robust framework for sustainable development and for transparency and accountability in the extractive sector.

PWYP’s activities to achieve our objectives are led by the Member Engagement team and the Global Initiatives and Impact team, with support from the Communications, and Finance and Operations teams.

Our achievements in 2017

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