Who is attending the Global Assembly?

The Global Assembly is attended by PWYP members representing PWYP coalitions and members from around the world. You can find out more about the selection criteria for PWYP participants here. In addition, we have invited inspiring speakers and key partners to join the Global Assembly, to make this a unique opportunity for members and partners to come together to discuss trends in the transparency and accountability movement, strategise around key developments in the extractives sector and learn from each other.

How is the Global Assembly and participation of members funded?

The Global Assembly is funded by a range of partners at both national and international levels. The PWYP International Secretariat is fundraising to cover the core costs of the meeting (including interpretation, strategic communications, venue hire etc) and is also aiming to fund one participant per coalition, in addition to the Global Council, Africa Steering Committee, PWYP members sitting on the EITI International Board, speakers and facilitators. In coordination with the Secretariat, national coalitions are fundraising with their partners to support the participation of their delegations. Where funding is not yet secured for all three delegates, criteria are required for selecting which of the three delegates to prioritise when funding is secured.

Where can I find the latest agenda?

The latest version of the draft agenda can be accessed here. We would recommend that you familiarise yourself with the agenda (insert link), and in particular that you have some idea of which track(s) you would like to follow on day two.

How can I showcase the work of my coalition at the GA/participate in the official programme?

The Global Assembly programme has been structured to allow active participation by PWYP members through various parallel sessions, which are also great opportunities to share coalition work and achievements. Delegates are encouraged also to bring their own material, a display table will set up in the conference space to share these. If you would like to participate in the parallel sessions on day one or one of the thematic streams on day two, please contact: globalassembly@publishwhatyoupay.org

Where can I find the new global PWYP strategy for 2020-2025?

You can access the new Publish What You Pay Global Strategy here. This exciting new Global Strategy will guide the global coalitions’ work through the period 2020-2025 and will be endorsed at the Global Assembly. Members attending the PWYP Global Assembly should make sure they read through the new strategy to prepare and think about how your work contributes to the goals and outcomes we are looking to achieve together in the next five years. The Global Assembly programme has been designed to enable active participation and this will be easier for you if you are familiar with the strategy and thought about it in advance.

How will the Global Council be elected?

The new Global Council will be elected during the regional caucuses on Day 3. Only affiliated PWYP coalitions in the relevant region from which the applicant has submitted application are eligible to vote. Each coalition has one vote. The coalition representatives traveling to the Global Assembly should consult their coalitions about their vote prior to travel and vote accordingly. During each regional caucus, nominees will have an opportunity to speak for three minutes about why they should be elected. Relevant staff members of the PWYP Secretariat will be on hand to provide administrative support. Each caucus can decide either to vote via secret ballot or to elect via a consensus. If the decision is taken by vote, one representative of each coalition will be invited to cast the vote on behalf of the coalition via a ballot paper. The votes will be counted in front of all attendants. The candidate that receive the most votes will be elected as the new Global Council representative for that region. In the event that there is only one nominee, the decision will be taken by consensus. Each caucus is encouraged to use the opportunity to discuss their expectations of their Global Council representative together, including when and how the Global Council members should communicate and share information, in order to lay the ground for a collaborative, effective and accountable relationship between the Global Council members and their constituencies.

What happens on Day 4 of the Global Assembly?

Following the election of the new Global Council members (see FAQs below), a handover meeting will take place between the outgoing Global Council members and the newly elected members who will be representing their regions for the three coming years. The meeting will provide an opportunity for the outgoing Global Council members to reflect on what they have learned during their term and to offer guidance to the new Global Council. A Chair will be elected during this meeting and priority issues for 2019 and beyond will be identified. The meeting will be attended by the outgoing and newly elected GC members as well as staff from the PWYP Secretariat. Meeting minutes and a communique will be shared on the PWYP website.

Do I need a visa?

Most participants won’t need a visa. Please make sure you look at the Logistics note (link), which has a list of all visa exempt countries for Senegal and a list of countries who will need a visa on arrival (at the airport in Dakar), to find out whether you need one or not. If you need a visa on arrival, which is free, we will send you relevant letters to facilitate the process ahead of your departure. Please contact Sandrine Levy for more information.

How do I get from the airport to the hotel?

Once you’ve passed through baggage collection and immigration, find the PWYP Global Assembly banner from where you will be guided to a shuttle bus organised by the Pullman Teranga Hotel. PWYP Volunteers will be on hand at the airport (you’ll find them wearing Global Assembly t-shirts) to guide participants and help with any arrival queries.

How to prepare for the Global Assembly