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While India benefits substantially from its natural resources, the tribal populations in the major mining states of the country are—typically—some of the poorest and displacement of people from their lands and livelihoods is one of the worst impacts that mining-affected communities have had to endure.

GOA foundation joined Publish What You Pay (PWYP) in 2017 as a member organisation in India. Founded in 1986, by a group of Goan environmentalists each fighting his or her own individual environmental battles, the organisation today commands the respect of judiciary, government and the general public for persisting with its environment agenda for more than two decades. The work of the Foundation spans different areas and fields, all related in some way or another with the conservation of Goa’s natural environment.

Environics Trust joined PWYP in 2018, and has been nominated to coordinate a coalition in India, following a two year engagement process and the collaborative development of an India Extractives Transparency Charter. The Charter was adopted by more than 30 civil society organisations in Bangalore in June 2018, following a year long development and consultation process with civil society organisations and affected communities throughout the country. The Charter will form the basis of the coalition’s activities, which include exploring opportunities for transparency of payments to governments by large and listed extractive companies operating in India, building on India’s historic Right to Information Act (RTI). In addition, the nascent coalition also wants to explore using social audits to assess and mitigate the impact of mining on communities; assessing the impact of mine closures; and research on the impact of mining on land use including forestry.

Key Facts

  • India stands third in the production of coal, lignite and chrome in the world, other mineral resources include bauxite
  • India is home to over 20,000 separate mineral deposits of over 90 categories of minerals and its mining sector contributes 2.11% of the country’s GDP.
  • Center for science and environment

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  • Name: Mr Sreedhar Ramamurthi (Environics)
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