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Lebanese Oil and Gas Initiative (LOGI) joined Publish What You Pay (PWYP) in October 2015 as PWYP’s first Lebanese member organization. Joining PWYP was a big step for LOGI, and Lebanon’s civil society in general. The PWYP network has facilitated LOGI’s access to global organizations that have the expertise, experience, and resources to instill transparency in managing petroleum resources. LOGI is an independent non-governmental organization registered and based in Beirut that promotes the transparent and sound management of Lebanon’s oil and gas resources. More specifically, LOGI’s pillars fo engagement are: Laws and policy reform, Mitigation of the environmental impact, Supporting the process of value creation and local content development, and Strengthening civil society’s role in the oil and gas sector.

LOGI continues to play an important role in pushing for reform in the sector. In 2017, LOGI, and with PWYP’s support, successfully advocated for the redoing of the Strategic Environmental Assessment. In 2018 LOGI also successfully advocated for the publishing of Lebanon’s first Exploration and Production Agreements (EPAs). Currently, LOGI is advocating for the development of a national oil and gas strategy by the government to be used to influence relevant draft laws related to the management of future revenues.

Lebanon has officially started its exploration phase with a consortium made up of Total, Eni, and Novatek. The exploration phase will last between 3-5 years and will hopefully lead to commercially viable oil/gas discoveries.

At the same time, Lebanon declared in January 2017 its intention to implement the EITI. Civil society organizations, including LOGI and other like-minded NGOs, and supported by major international foundations, has formed a coalition “The Lebanese Coalition for Good Governance in the Extractive Industries”. The coalition aims at strengthening civil society’s role in the nascent oil and gas sector. It has elected its steering committee and is currently working on applying for PWYP membership and this will enhance the coalition’s regional and international visibility and exposure.

Key Facts

  • Lebanon is developing its petroleum and gas sector
  • The leading mineral commodity in Lebanon is limestone, used for cement
  • Other resources include aluminum sulfate, lphosphate fertilizer, phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, and sal
  • LOGI, PWYP, EITI, CIA, The Economist

Key Contacts

  • Name: Georges Sassine, Co-Founder, President Lebanese Oil and Gas Initiative (LOGI)
  • Email: georges.sassine@logi-lebanon.org
  • Telephone: