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In June 2017, Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Malawi members elected a new steering committee and host organisation. PWYP Malawi advocates for the transparent and accountable use of money the government receives from companies that are allowed to extract and exploit Malawi’s natural resources. PWYP Malawi operates under the Natural Resources Justice Network’s broader mandate of ensuring natural resources are managed for sustainable and equitable development. Church and Society of the Livingstonia Synod and Oxfam Malawi were elected as the new chair and vice-chair of the Steering Committee, respectively. The other members of the Steering Committee are: Institute for Policy Interaction; Ufulu Wathu; and Centre for Environmental Policy and Advocacy. PWYP Malawi is now being hosted by the Centre for Environmental Policy and Advocacy.

Key Facts

  • Malawi’s natural resources include among others limestone, uranium, coal, bauxite, phosphates and rare earth minerals
  • There are potential oil reserves under Lake Malawi
  • In 2013 Malawi was in the world’s top ten uranium producers
  • CIA World Factbook, Uranium Investing News

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