No EITI Status


PWYP members in Switzerland have worked on a range of issues, from supporting the campaigns of African coalitions such as PWYP Niger to campaigning for transparency in the Swiss commodities sector. Members have also advocated on the Swiss process for mandatory disclosure rules similar to those enacted by the EU.

Key Facts

  • Switzerland has become the world’s biggest hub for commodities trading, controlling a third of the global oil trade
  • 75% of Russia’s oil is sold through Switzerland
  • Switzerland is not part of the EU law but is obliged to harmonise its laws to etc...
  • BBC, Geneva Trade and Shipping Association

Key Contacts

  • Name: Urs Rybi (Public Eye)
  • Email: urs.rybi@publiceye.ch
  • Telephone: +41 (0)44 277 79 17


  • Bread for All
  • Fastenopfer
  • Swissaid
  • Public Eye
  • Transparency International – Switzerland