News: Prominent experts to advise on the independent review of civil society guidelines in the EITI

An Advisory Panel of independent experts has been set up to guide the Consensus Building Institute in reviewing the EITI civil society guidelines which determine how the civil society constituency is governed.

Ahead of the next nominations for its 2019-2022 term, the EITI Board has requested all of its three constituencies to reassess their guidelines, in order to strengthen existing procedures. The civil society constituency expects to endorse its new guidelines by July 2018.

The Advisory Panel will provide insight into good practices as well as relevant guidance on institutional practices, mechanisms and tools that enhance accountability and inclusiveness in civil society self-governance within multi-stakeholder processes. The review will be driven by extensive outreach to EITI civil society stakeholders at global and national levels to ensure any recommendations are fit-for-purpose within the specific EITI context. The Advisory Panel’s input will enrich the analysis and menu of options for structuring representation and information exchange. These recommendations will be conveyed to the EITI Civil Society Board Members for a consultative review with the broader CSO constituency.

The members of the Advisory Panel bring a diversity of viewpoints across geographic regions, sectors, institutional experiences and gender: