PWYP Operating Principles and Membership Standards

In 2012, the PWYP Global Assembly adopted Vision 20/20, a strategic and governance framework to guide the PWYP campaign to 2020. While the Chain for Change provides a strategic framework for advocacy along the extractives value chain, the Operating Principles and Membership Standards enshrine PWYP’s values and the core principle of the campaign, to practise what we preach. The principles and standards and are as follows:

Operating Principles

  1. PWYP is a family, and as a solidarity and value based movement we are committed to creating a safe environment and to put in place policies and systems to protect our members.
  2. PWYP works in a spirit of honesty, integrity and openness; coalition member organisations are accountable to each other, the global coalition and to our donors.
  3. PWYP constructively engages with other stakeholders to ensure an open debate for good governance in the extractive industries.
  4. PWYP freely shares knowledge and information within and across coalitions to promote change in a multi-disciplinary, cross-regional and multilingual way.
  5. PWYP respects cultural diversity and opposes all forms of discrimination; PWYP coalitions are non-partisan.
  6. PWYP’s strength lies in our members; we recognise and value our members’ courage, commitment and contribution.
  7. PWYP is a dynamic network; we strive for flexibility, responsiveness and innovation through selfquestioning and learning.
  8. PWYP membership is open to all civil society organisations that share our vision, mission and principles; we embrace partnerships to leverage our campaign.
  9. PWYP is an independent movement and will always advocate and campaign freely, no matter the origins of its financial resources.
  10. PWYP practises what it preaches in terms of financial transparency, fundraising and management, avoiding all conflicts of interests and mismanagement. PWYP has a zero tolerance policy for corruption.

Membership standards

All members of the coalition will:

  1. Advocate for an open and transparent extractive industry to ensure that its revenues contribute to sustainable development.
  2. Constructively engage with other coalition members, companies, governments and other relevant actors at national levels.
  3. Provide regular updates on activities, strategies and plans related to the campaign.
  4. Proactively speak out to the media and public on the issue of good governance, promote Publish What You Pay, and widely disseminate relevant and important information on the campaign.